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Best Birthday Quotes

“Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
You look like a penguin because you are so beautiful!”

“You are so beautiful you could be a supermodel.”

A poem by roommate Rachel:
A Birthday Ditty for Tricia
I once knew a little lady named Zimmerman
Her favorite hobby was to organize and plan.
She had creative ideas almost ev’ry day
Of how to best act and to live and to play!
I had the great chance to share a flat with my friend,
And we have laughed and had fun straight through to the end!
Miss Zimmerman will soon marry and change her name,
And nothing in her life will ever be the same!
On that day in July she will truly be Klein,
When she says I do and Mr. Klein says, “You’re mine!”
So this poem is to honor Zimmerman’s birthday
And to wish her all the happiness I can say!


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Quote of the Day

A discussion between two high school students:

Student 1: What good are books?

Student 2: That’s like saying what good is breathing air.

Student 1: What if you could breathe in a biodome of completely fresh air? That biodome represents the internet.

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Quote of the Day

As the students were studying for their science test, one student wrote this explanation for why cold water is more dense than hot water:

The cold molecules cuddle together. That is why cold water is more dense.

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Quote of the Day

Student A: Why do you want to be a doctor when you grow up?
Student B: Because I want to see people’s insides.

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Bored No More

Our high school video class has been doing a tremendous job this year. If you have some time to spare, you can check out their videos here:
VCS Videography
Scroll down a little and click on the link that says, “See all videos.”
My favorites are Mountain Dew VCS, 2V Emotion, and Dodgeball – Teachers vs. Students. Although, the appearance of the high school track uniforms in the Dodgeball video is a little disconcerting.
There are some ongoing jokes that run throughout the videos. If you watch them all in order (Mountain Dew VCS is first) you’ll see a pattern or two. Enjoy!

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Quote of the Day

While explaining what she wants to be when she grows up, one student said:

I know it’s hard to leave my inner child, but if I’m a supermodel, it’s OK.

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Arnold Apples

A few weeks ago when I went to the grocery store, I was greeted by this display of “Arnold Apples.” I laughed out loud. The sign says:

Arnold – Der Apfel aus der Heimat Arnold Schwarzeneggers
Arnold – The power apple from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home country

The packaging is quite descriptive:

Healthy and strong

“Arnold” the Incomparable

This apple grows and ripens at the foot of the Austrian Alps in Styria with its fertile soil and unique microclimate of warm days and cool nights. Lovingly tended by skilled and dedicated fruit growers in their small and medium-sized orchards it is a rich natural source of health, strength, and flavor.

The cashier giggled at me when I brought several of these apples to the checkout. I just couldn’t resist. Being from California, I had to buy a few. Of course, I bought one for our business manager who is also from California. He was equally amused.

The packaging is in German and English, so maybe this means that Arnold Apples are headed your way soon!

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Quote of the Day

This morning as the students were coming in, one of them greeted me with these words:

“Somebody could’ve been killed! I went to a Chinese store and they offered me a broadsword.”


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Same Voice – New Topic

This is a second journal entry. His writing just makes me smile.

Sometimes I wish things were like in the Bible. That way you can live for like 969 years now that is what I call live long. Sometimes I also wish that things were like cartoons. So you could have super powers and all that stuff. I mean seriously dragon ball Z would never be the same. And that why cartoons can be cooler than life itself.

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Writing With Voice

When we teach writing, we talk to the kids about making sure that their writing has a “voice.” This means that their personality comes through in their writing. I think this journal entry has great voice! I’ve left the spelling, grammar, and punctuation just as he wrote it. I think it adds to the voice. :)

Sometimes I wish that there was a kids WWE. I mean it would be awesome and it would be a great way to get some excercise. But seriusly I mean when I just see a bunch of strong men and women beat the heck out of each other then yet again you see a bunch strong men and women say, “I’m gonna win”. what do they find theye’re either pinned to the ground for 3 seconds our out of the ring for 10 seconds. what do they say “I’ll give you give it to me, give it to me.” the guy say no to the wretler gets angry beats up the guy blah blah blah end of story.

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